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If mountain goats aren’t actually goats … how did they get their name? Rare Pigs Caught on Video for the First Time: Read more about mountain goats: Amazing Videos

Using Herbs for Deworming Sheep and Goats Event on 2015-05-16 13:00:00 Using Herbs for Deworming Sheep and Goats Instructor: Alethea Kenney Date: Saturday 1pm – 4pm Min# 4 / Max # 15 Class fee: Materials fee payable to instructor: to cover cost of handouts Minimum age: 16 Herbal dewormers are becoming popular as people try […]

Baby will grows well with mother’s milk. But once he is fed with cow’s milk, he will appear allergies. Moms will scare to face this problem. And it is true that goat’s milk will make better. These years, goat’s milk becomes more and more popular. Then do you know the nutrition in goat’s milk and […]

Milk is considered in the United States and Europe Dairy In the boutique, called “noble milk.” International Nutrition circles as the “King of milk.” International Dairy Federation Board Jin Shilin former China expert in the “Jin Shilin Dairy Technology Selected Works”: “Today, goat is placed in the United States sales in pharmacies and supermarkets around […]

by wordsend One of the leading natural “green” soaps is based on Goat’s milk. Goats Milk Soap typically is made from all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Ingredients usually consist of Saponified (the chemical reaction that occurs when oil is mixed with alkali, don’t worry, there is no * lye in the final product, […]

by jasperwiet You should want to use goats milk soap instead of regular natural soap or handmade soap because raw goats milk contains specific ingredients that enhance your skin. The goats milk soap you should use should contain real, fresh, raw goats milk. Goats milk soap has alpha hydroxy acids in it such as glycolic […]

Some cool recipe images: Watercress Salad with Goats Cheese on Toast Caramalised Onions and Bacon Image by Girl Interrupted Eating this recipe and more available on my blog Girl Interrupted Eating…

by BARCODE [drink_milk] What Can You Make With Goat’s Milk? I am often asked, What can you make with Goat’s Milk besides soap and lotion? Well, almost anything that you would make with regular cow’s milk can be made with goat’s milk: cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, etc. You can also add it in liquid […]