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Goji Juice is rising in the ranks of popularity among health fanatics and those concerned about acquiring a better quality of life and getting a healthy start. The Chinese have always known of the benefits of Himalayan Goji Berries and have used this timeless fruit for centuries. “Well, it is now time for the rest […]

by Tambako the Jaguar Some animal studies suggest possible health benefits from goji juice, such as reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol. This tropical fruit juice as stated earlier is a derivative of the goji berry that comes from the Lycium species of plants particularly the barbarum variety commonly referred to as the English wolfberry, […]

“Functional beverages are becoming a multi-billion dollar industry.”, July 30, 2002 The functional foods industry has been experiencing incredible growth since 1996, and leading industry analysts expect it to explode at a growth rate of at least 15% per year as consumers become more and more health conscious, and baby boomers […]