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by Steve Corey, Off and On Lighting a cigar and enjoying a clean cocktail is a good way to unwind after an extended day at work. When you’ve got simply found the pleasure of lighting up a Gurkha Cigar, then you may be intimidated with the extensive alternative of those and different cigars obtainable within […]

by dmertl Question by John: Why do energy drinks put me in a good mood? Anytime I drink an energy drink it puts me in the best mood ever. I dont understand? Because when I drink coffee it actually makes me feel like shit and makes me bitter. Or when I drink a starbucks refresher […]

Question by ft3535: who has some good recipes? full complete recipes please Best answer: Answer by dblondbeutyGo to It’s my favorite. What do you think? Answer below!

A few nice mix drinks images I found: a good combination Image by poolie

Question by Venus Wrestling 3: Whats a good beginners wine? any good sweet beginners wine? Best answer: Answer by SmileChardonnay or any of the champagne grape wines. Of course, if you like you could just get good quality champers but there’s not much point and it can cost the earth and it’s not much better. […]

Question by Amanda: what are some good vodka mixed drinks? what are some good mixed drinks with vodka and easy elements to get.. like pineapple juice or cranberry juice or kool aid.. i dont need 50 different ingredients.. just a few with vodka being the only alcohol… will be greatly appriciated. Best answer: Answer by […]

by Question by Aiden: Good Brunch Places in New Orleans? what are some good places to have brunch in new orleans? Best answer: Answer by jandy court of two sisters, anything in the French qtr. Add your own answer in the comments!

Question by Abby: Diary with a good lock? I am looking for a diary with a really good lock on it. I want one like the one in The Princess Diaries, where Mia must unlock the diary with a locket necklace. I want a diary where others cannot pick the lock easily. It also should […]

Some cool alcohol images: PARTS OF ME …item 1e.. Charges against AT? fraternity president dropped (Oct. 7, 2013) …item 2c.. Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good – Live HD … Image by marsmet551 Regardless of their particular misfortune, the fraternity was caught in violation of the law. Russell said the open house party […]

by guillenperez Question by Liz J: I have a few unopened bottles of good quality chianti vintage 1975. Are they still drinkable? I inherited some wine from my grandfathers wine cellar. He bought a lot of wine about 20 years ago and then found out that he couldn’t drink it due to health reasons. He […]