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by Nouhailler Visiting Casablanca city in Morocco is like re-living the all-time romantic, classic flick of Humphrey Bogart titled “Casablanca”. The city is always flocked by venturesome travelers or newly-weds who are looking for an adventurous and at the same time, enchanting Middle Eastern travel escapade. Known to be the largest and the economic central […]

The hugely alluring Orange Stockholm is the recent addition in the trail of Orange gadgets, following Rio 2 and San Francisco, which deliver best features in low price ranges. It is another Android widget launched by the brand which might not stand with the galaxies and iPhones, but can give them a tough competition due […]

No girl can deny the fact that she had dream of her wedding dress ever since she was young. At the same time you would have been all the while confused and would have no idea what you are going to wear when the day finally comes. There are a plethora of bridal gowns available […]