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Great family quotes can be inspirational and insightful. Perhaps, you are not always on the best of terms with family members or even agree with each member of your family, but nor can you necessarily get along with just any person you. Enjoy the bonds of happiness and closeness that this collection of family quotes […]

To give labourers in the UAE a few extra minutes of happiness, Coca-Cola created the Hello Happiness Phone Booth — a special phone booth that accepts Coca-C… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Coca-Cola is unleashing happiness again, this time in the UK! The much-anticipated sequel to the global internet sensation — the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine…

Coca-Cola is unleashing happiness again – this time in Sweden! We put a special Coke machine at a bus stop to spread some summer happiness in the middle of t… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Podría hoy Napoleón ser Napoleón? Hombres son los de hoy. Coca-Cola Light. Actitud Ligera. Video Rating: 4 / 5

by FIESP 3 different ways same day payday loans can help you: For your friends and family: Revitalise the spirits of your family and friends with a birthday gift. Gift-giving for birthdays is a way to show that the person is always in your heart. If you need some extra cash to get the perfect […]

by rich_bruchal When was the last time you did not feel happy after being gifted a bunch of fresh flowers? The online flower market is gigantic thereby, offering a wide range of flowers for buyers.  Christmas is the most important festival of the Christian calendar as it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Flowers delivered […]

by Ander Vaz Yesterday, in the square before Chongwen building of Nanjing No.1 Middle School, there held a recruiting conference. It was very lively on the site. Different from other club activities in schools, this one has 20,000 yuan sponsorship each year and can arrange two hours every Wednesday for club activities. What’s more, students […]

by FIESP Just what holds you back from doing the things that will lead you towards the happiness you want? Our answer would be, “You!” Excuses will run rampant in the minds of many people when they first absorb those words. Most times, thoughts of it being someone else’s fault or some other cause will […]

by Ander Vaz Some people believe that achieving happiness is the purpose of life, yet the pursuit of happiness often leads to unhappiness. This is because happiness is actually a consequence of a different life purpose – the pursuit of evolving our souls in our ability to love ourselves and others. When achieving happiness […]

by Ander Vaz You’re a diamond. I’ve always said that each person was a diamond hidden in the ground. The start of the personal development journey is digging the diamond up, and clearing off the mud, is getting rid of negative emotions, negative self-image, and negative core beliefs. Most previous articles in the emotional mastery […]