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Acai berry is a rare fruit that remained unknown for several centuries. It was originally found in the rain forest regions of Brazil and Amazon valley. It was used by the natives of Amazon for centuries. The palm on which these magic berries grow are considered as ‘tree of life’ by these native foresters. They […]

The following are some of the benefits that people taking this type of juice benefit from, either knowingly or unknowingly: Cancer prevention and cure This point is enough to grab anyone’s attention. It is true, homemade juice has the ability to strengthen your body’s defence mechanism for it to withstand fatal diseases such as cancer. […]

You have already known that lime juice can be used to remove odors in the kitchen and in home cleaning, but you may not know about the huge health benefits it bring for you. Packed with a bunch of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and zinc, lime juice plays an important role in […]

Orange Life LLC is proud to offer a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional vending products. Developed in Italy and a proven success across Europe, the Just Squeezed™ vending machine… I couldn’t fine this, my preferred version of the song on YouTube so here it is. One of my absolute favourites. Twee is King 🙂 […]

Barry tests the theory that lemon alone can cook fish Blog Twitter Facebook Shop… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Pepsi against Coca-Cola product Mind in the vast majority of Chinese consumers, the more nutritious “mixed Juice “And even more reasonable,” fruit and vegetable juice, “not how good the taste. Consumers of this prejudice is deep-rooted, so mixed fruit juice, fruit and vegetable juice in the category of limited value. This is why the promotion […]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Now you have more reasons to add apple juice to your daily diet because it has some health benefits below. 1. Improve digestion A glass of fresh apple juice helps cleanse the liver and kidneys by eliminating toxins from these organs. Because of its cleansing properties, drinking apple juice can help you have a cleaner […]