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And knowing that, koozies are made available to take care of this kind of thing. A koozie, also known as can cooler, beer hugger or coolie, is the expression used for a gadget in keeping cans of beer, soda and even bottled ones which keeps the drinks cool while keeping the hands hot. Koozies are […]

by arvindgrover Gathering Coozies When you find yourself participating in a great beach occasion on a heated day you definitely don’t want that could of lager or coke to drip everywhere on bare body as the high temperature hits it as soon as you take off the can or beer from your closest chillier exactly […]

by Martin Cathrae A koozie is a super way to keep your beer/drink cool, especially on warm days when you are outdoors enjoying the scenery. They are available in a variety of great personalized designs so you can have one made that fits your personality. Having a koozie does more than just keep your drinks […]