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If you think that pubs in Lancashire are primarily meant to serve drinks, you may need to think again as they offer much more than what you think. This is the reason why these pubs have acquired immense popularity over past few years. There are mainly two things – great food and amazing drinks. These […]

And, why wouldn’t it come? It is after all Lancashire’s historic, traditional food. Long back, mill workers (especially the women) would leave the stuff on slow cooking and move out for work. On their arrival in the evening, they would put down the pot and eat the stuff. It was cheap and nutritious and thus, […]

by Tambako the Jaguar Over the past several years, gastro pubs in Lancashire are making a remarkable growth in UK. Whether you choose to get good food or fine wines, these pubs have everything in their plate to offer. Right from the crispy chips, taste sausage to mild-cooked burger, your taste bud will keep reminding […]