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by wallyg Live in boot camps accommodate clients who need intense supervision and accountability for eating, sleeping, and most of all-training correctly. A firm commitment is required on the part of the client in order to comply with such a regimen. Customary in the fitness industry, services are prepaid upon signup. Financial commitment plays a […]

affiliate marketing Question by Madelyn: When i try to get my license at the DPS do i have to take a paper/written test or just the driving test? I’m 16 and i am going to get my license soon, i wanted to know, when i go to the DPS do i have to take a […]

by hell*yeah Question by : my driver’s license record? my driver’s license driving record Best answer: Answer by oklatomYes, if you have a drivers license, you also have a record. You always have the right to see your own record, just go in and ask for a copy of it. There may be a small […]

affiliate marketing Question by nick: Renew Texas License online as an 18 year old? I turned 18 and i need to renew my license. Can I renew it online or since it will be my first time renewing as a legal adult, do i need to physically go to the dps? Best answer: Answer by […]

by marttj Question by liliana k: how much would a Tavern liquor license for Astoria, NY cost and how long is the wait? I am interested in starting a small tapas bar with wine/beer and tapas (small plates) at the beginning that grows into a all license. My question is what is the difference between […]

Question by Trisha L: Do you need a liquor license to sell wine in Albuquerque New Mexico? I’m interested in opening a wine bar and didn’t know how to get these answers without heading downtown…yahoo makes it easy 🙂 Best answer: Answer by Jimm BrowskiAny establishment that serves alcohol must have a license from the […]

Question by anonymous: When serving alcohol for a charity event, do you need a liquor license? I am having a charity event, and there will be alcohol served. Can I just get alcohol and have volunteers serving it (or have a bar with volunteer bartenders) or do we need something else? Please help. Thank you […]

by dctim1 Question by : with a intermediate license in washington state, can you listen to the radio in your car? I have heard yes and no… Best answer: Answer by naynayYes why would you not be able to? What do you think? Answer below! Bookmark To FM Washington

by nikoretro Question by Big Foot: What are the license and permits required to operate both wine bar and retail under one roof in CA.? Hi, I need to know what license and permits are needed to operate a wine bar with retail also will be serving food with hoodless kitchen serving small plates and […]