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Some cool youtube images: Sky’s the limit Image by Leo Hidalgo (@yompyz) | Would you like to follow me on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube? | YouTube HTML5 Mobile Site Image by caseorganic YouTube Image by The Daring Librarian Bookmark To VLoggers

Hill report puts dollar figures on military retiree COLA limit CRS said the COLA limit would affect about 750,000 of the 1.94 million retired from the military as of 2012 but for them, the impact would be less because the reduction would apply for fewer years; the average age is 61 for current enlisted retirees […]

Beyond the Limit of Darkness and Light List Price: $ 1.99 Price: $ 1.99 Your browser does not support iframes. Darkness on the Edge of Town List Price: $ 1.99 Price: $ 1.99 Your browser does not support iframes. [/random] Bookmark To Amazing Videos

I Love PANAMA, ILLINOIS City Limit Sign – Aluminum – 9 x 36 inches Aluminum Brand New Sign 9 x 36 inches Rounded Corners Predrillied for Hanging Great Gift Idea I Love PANAMA, ILLINOIS City Limit Sign – Aluminum. Made of Aluminum and High Quality Vinyl Letters and Graphics. This sign is 9 x 36 […]

Question by Alex Harris: What happens if u drink the limit of two different energy drinks? Wat if drank the limit of a monster an then the limit of another energy drink? And is fuze an energy drink? Best answer: Answer by Codieyou could die they have a limit for a reason Give your answer […]

Why Limit Happy to an Hour?: A Little Book of Wit (and a Whole Lot of Attitude) Admit it already. Life is always better after a margarita or three. Artist and aperitif advocate Mary Phillips shares her cocktail wit and wisdom inside this intoxicating smash titled Why Limit Happy to an Hour? Whether the subject […]

Question by Amber: How many alcoholic drinks do you limit yourself to when you just start dating someone? I’m not tiny and I am a bit overweight. I don’t want to drink too much. Does it look wrong to have three alcoholic drinks on a second date? Women: do you usually get slightly tipsy from […]

How many drinks can you have before you pass the legal limit? Whether it be beer, shots, mixes?

I heard red wine has positive health effects when drunk in moderation – it contains antioxidants and resveraterol. But how much is ‘drinking in moderation’? What is the recommended intake of red wine for it to have a positive impact on health? Any weblinks to sites on red wine would be appreciated…

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