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HQ: One of my fav clips off live at Scotland enjoy!

recorded LIVE at The Bitter End, 2005 – PLEASE GO BUY THIS DVD OR SEE THEM “LIVE”… TJ deserves your financial support !!!

Some Clarifications. This is In Fear And Faith’s current lineup. The video was taken from Scott’s first two shows on vocals. The version being performed was the EP version because the LP version had not been rewritten or recorded yet. The audio is ACTUALLY live from the Whisky (on board camera sound – back of […]

The Doors Whisky Bar Alabama Song live with Mack the knife

Online spirits sales unlike wine has been in a small decline in the last six months as people focus on spending their income wisely. There are though some interesting trends in online spirits sales which should not be ignored. For the last five years the spirits industry and online spirits has been driven by […]