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by mikecogh London is a vibrant city with thrill and bash happening in every corner of this city. Still there are some locations where life moves with so many events happening throughout the year. Visitors can choose to stay at Hotels in London near one of the tube stations, which will bring them an easy […]

A few nice breaking news images I found: Horses are returning to London Image by Defence Images Pictured: Are soldiers from The Defence Animal Centre schooling cavalry horses on a break from their ceremonial duties in London…Blues and Royals Cavalry Horses based in London have been at the Defence Animal Centre since November having a […]

Preparation of Ingredients for the London Broil For people who want to cook a special beef dish, they can always try the easy-to-cook recipe called London Broil. Perfect for various occasions, this enticing treat is guaranteed to satisfy all the hungry stomachs out there, especially with its tender meat and delectable flavor. Some […]

affiliate marketing Teenagers fall in love with Zac Efron as he singing jock Troy Bolton in the Disney Channel hit High School Musical. Zac Efron is all grown up and looks more and more handsome and manly. The former High School Musical star has been captured leaving the BBC One Radio in London, England on […]

Coca-Cola is unleashing happiness again, this time in the UK! The much-anticipated sequel to the global internet sensation — the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine…

by sunnyUK Question by renee: Has anyone heard of London Bridge Gin? I’m looking for information of the gin such as it’s origin, history, distillation process and so on, but couldn’t find anything relevant online so far. A little help please? And thanks~ Best answer: Answer by feelinliketantoCastle Bridge London Dry Gin Castle Bridge Gin […]

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tapas from Spain.. a culinary evening with Chef Keith.. Image by iwona_kellie Tapas dinner at The Culinary Training Studio in Nanaimo, BC. Review: Rustic Italian tapas from new stripped back London restaurant Paesan The space: Paesan promises a 'stripped back' Italian experience. This is delivered using plenty of bare wood (from the floor to the […]

by Jonas Weiß Question by Where can you buy the original Red Bull in London, ON? I’ve been looking for the original Red Bull in the small brown elixir type bottle called Krating Daeng. Can you buy it anywhere in London Ontario? Thanks in advance! Best answer: Answer by JrYou can buy Red Bull […]

Cocktail Workshop Yelp Elite Event Antwerp @ Brasserie Appelmans Image by Cocktail Workshop Yelp Elite Event Antwerp @ Brasserie Appelmans Top three things to do at London Cocktail Week It's time to stock up on hangover remedies, people – London Cocktail Week (Oct 7-13) is just around the corner. For the uninitiated, LCW is […]