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Company (Hamburg, Germany), to reduce weight has become a hot topic. The company has developed a suitable preform molding and blow molding design, 12gPET bottles used for water purification equipment, 17gPET bottles used for loading Carbonated beverages These two methods can reduce their weight, than the standard bottle of at least 2g. Over the years, […]

With a variety of CC materials tin, DR materials, plating ferrochromium has been constantly enriched and promoted the development of packaging products and technology, metal packaging full of innovations. From the world of metal packaging and the General Assembly and Metalpack Interpack exhibition on display technical information on specific products and metal packaging are welcome […]

Question by Mr. Trivia: How do you detect phosphates in soda beverages using simple household materials? I need this for my project. Our teacher said that we should write an experiment about detecting phosphates in soda beverages but we are not supposed to do the experiment. I’ve searched Google and Yahoo but couldn’t find what […]