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Checked the milk prices lately? The price has made quite a jump! Expect more of the same, maybe a lot more! Some of the rise in price is because of fuel cost. Some is because of another trend which is pulling dairymen out of the dairy biz. Dairymen and other farmers and ranchers are learning […]

Honey is a nutritional treasure which very suitable for the physiological needs of the elderly. There have been studies abroad showing that: as the age increases, the utilization ratio of glucose for the human body is significantly lowered, while the utilization ratio of fructose has little change. This suggests that fructose and fructose-containing products are […]

Milk is one of the most important aliments in one’s diet, especially in that of children who need calcium and Vitamin D to fortify their bones, teeth and not only. Of course, by far the most important type of milk in children alimentation is the maternal milk, which contains a lot more proteins, vitamins and […]

Anand, popularly known as the Milk Capital of India, is located in the Gulf of Khambhat in the Indian state of Gujarat. Anand is well-known for its milk revolution and one of the most famous brands of India, Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited) was started here.Anand literally means ‘Happiness’. Also known as Charotar, Anand, along […]

The Piña Colada has become the official beverage of Puerto Rico. It’s a drink that has been has been beat up over the years. Bad music and sickly pre-mixed s… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Thomas Lizzara – Pina Colada EP / Pina Colada buy it on Beatport: for better sound quality buy this […]

It went OK. Soya Milk Powder & Kadai Paneer latest 2014 images Soya Milk Powder & Kadai Paneer – youtube Video for Soya Milk Powder & Kadai Paneer? 1:27? 1:27 www.youtub…

Baby will grows well with mother’s milk. But once he is fed with cow’s milk, he will appear allergies. Moms will scare to face this problem. And it is true that goat’s milk will make better. These years, goat’s milk becomes more and more popular. Then do you know the nutrition in goat’s milk and […]

Our goat milk soap provides a luxurious and moisturizing wash for bathing, showering, or hand-washing. The powerful regenerative qualities of goat milk soap make it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or chronic dry skin conditions. The structure of goat’s milk differs from other soap bases because of its shorter molecules. This translates into increased […]

Soybean milk is widely recognized as a health drink as well as nutritious food for young and old. It also boasts of “plant milk” in the United States and Europe. Soymilk is rich in vegetable protein, vitamins and various minerals needed by the body. Similarly, milk is also a healthy drink with high nutritional value. […]

Me (straw_hat_luffy_), playing “Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Rerolled my run and got 3 dollar bill and soy milk making my tears none-existent. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Welcome to my video on how to make your own healthy soy milk drink. It’s nutricious, simple, and inexpensive. Please remember to soak the soy beans for 8 […]