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by wallyg Instead of running yourself ragged worrying about tomorrow, this month, harness the power of the present.   Let People Buoy you Up   Having a blue day? Rather than brooding alone, seek out people. ‘Part of being happy moment by moment is taking charge of your mood, and you can do this just […]

Drinking and Dueling. Don’t fucking do it, it’s not fun, look how scrub we both look! Terrible fights. Anywho. Enjoy this moment. Alright so this was ripped …

A few nice coffee images I found: Coffee moment (is over) Image by Juho Holmi I was drinking my coffee and thought that "Hey, this could even make a photo…". Is that thing controlling my life? 😀 JFG Coffee Image by (aka Brent) JFG Coffee was started in Knoxville in 1919. For many decades, […]

A few nice whisky images I found: Whisky Nerd Moment! Image by drewdomkus enjoyed some of this delicious manhattan rye that was supplied by the very generous tuthilltown spirits. if you visit them in new york and mention you heard about them on our podcast, they give you a FREE whisky tasting! D&D 365 […]

A few nice champagne images I found: champagne moment Image by Swiss James Straight after the final whistle this guy appeared on the top of a beer stand and sprayed the crowd with champagne Champagne Brus Image by Blastframe This was my first Champagne Brus. I’m not a huge fan of lime + chocolate together, […]

Dare Iced Coffee

Date: December 08 Location: Singapore Happening: 200 people freeze!

Magic Moments V2 Add Choreographed by Flexy Studio staring Hrithik Roshan 2008 Mumbai … Filmed on a 39 degree scorcher at a stinky scrap metal yard north of Adelaide. Directed by Matthew Salleh, starring Sarah Anne Warendorf, Robbie Greenwell and Josh McFarlane. Produced by Matthew Salleh & Rose Tucker Urtext Cinematography by Matthew Salleh Edited by Matthew Salleh & Simon Johnson Steady cam – Nick Tsamandanis Additional […]

Rachel Maddow from 3/17/09 – Rachel, Kent Jones and author and Master Mixologist, Dale Degroff, make real Irish Coffee in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. To view the entire podcast of The Rachel Maddow Show, visit Like it, please rate it.