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Bella Kinks Expo – Art Imitates Life Presented By CURLS Natural Hair Care Event on 2017-10-21 12:00:00 We are excited to announce the 2017 Bella Kinks Expo – Art Imitates Life Presented by Curls – Natural Products for Your Natural Hair with Participating Sponsorship by Creme of Nature, Jamaican Mango & Lime, Mielle Organics and adwoa beauty!  We are counting on […]

by U.S. Pacific Fleet As I studied psychiatric nursing and gained experience at a psychiatric facility and psychiatric wards in hospitals I became comfortable with the counseling aspect of nursing. I also worked on an adolescent ward seeing how they showed the rebellious nature. Even as I worked on a prison ward with children and […]

Headaches affect legion Americans every and each day. In some cases, headaches can be thus severe that they’ll really be debilitating and require medical attention. These sorts of headaches are typically referred to as migraines. Headaches occur for a number of reasons, but the most common reason has to try and do with stress. Different […]

Best of all the meat is not that grey color you so often find when you bring the package of ground beef home and open it up to find that only the top layer is red and healthy looking. This is because there are no additives. You can avoid this if you can have the […]

I know you are going to say “Oh no a story about hamburger!” Well just take a listen. I have always been a big hamburger eater. Long before Burger King or McDonald’s I loved hamburgers. However it was not until I bit into my first Natural Grass Fed Beef Burger that I truly tasted what […]

Statistics show that somewhere around 13% of the population suffer from migraine headaches. While 13% doesn’t sound like a huge volume to some, there is a huge calling for migraine prevention techniques and the “how to(s)” of this particular ailment. In medicine, “prevention” is defined as any activity which reduces the burden of mortality or […]

Manatees glide through warm waters in and around Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, Florida, a winter shelter from colder ocean temperatures. In the heart of Florida’s Gulf Coast lies one of the only places in the world where humans are encouraged to interact with these curious creatures. The practice has been controversial, but permission […]

Nowadays most of the people feel low in performing a physical activity so they generally go for sugary drink to enhance their stamina but actually it only energized their body for sometime and ultimately it leads to fatigue. People who do not take proper sleep, do not eat healthy food and stressed out a bit […]

Most kids who have add go through traditional psychological and conduct treatments so they can adjust to the social world around them. However, conduct treatments is not the only software that can restore kids with conduct conditions. Consider giving your kid popular music treatments, a innovative and popular strategy that uses the healing power of […]

Headache is one of the most frequent of human discomforts. In today’s life headache is a regular feature. Most of the times a headache is more of a nagging nuisance than an indicator of a serious problem. But, in some cases the headache does warrant more serious attention as it can be the indicator of […]