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Question by 1337 Cyclista: What are some negative health effects of Red Bull or other energy drinks? What are some negative health effects of binge drinking Red Bull while a physical activity. Suppose a person goes snowboarding for a weekend and drinks about 5 a day. What are some short term and long term side […]

Question by Keatho: What are the negative consequences of drinking too much Orange Juice? I’ve developed an addiction to 100% orange juice (no pulp), and being that I’m 51 I’m getting signs that it might not be such a good thing. I take medication for type II diabetes and I know that OJ has a […]

by Mr Wabu Question by Jeffrey Aquino: What are negative effects of drinking soya milk? Can anyone give me what are negative effects of drinking soya milk? I want answers from people who really have experienced bad effects of drinking soya. Someone told me it reduces your sperm count, is this true? I drink soya […]

by gaelx Long Term Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Brain – The Negative Effects of Alcohol Consumption Long Term Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On The Brain As popular as alcohol is as a beverage, we cannot ignore the toxic effects it has on the body. We are aware of these from experiencing these effects […]

I am aware on many cans/bottles of energy drinks it says not to drink too much within a day. For example Redbull cans say not to consume more than 500ml/day. What difference does this have compared to coffee? I have never seen a coffee recommendation other then for pregnant women (not to drink more than […]

My husband’s personality has undergone a distinct change for the worse and it was about the time he started drinking Vodka in large amounts. He has always drank but this is just different and I have to wonder if there is any correlation.

Soft drink consumption and its impact on human health is a highly controversial issue. Being a key contributor to obesity, excessive consumption of soft drinks is closely associated to severe health conditions such as heart attacks, cancer and strokes. Obesity is one of the most evident and immediate effects of soft drinks consumption. People […]