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A few nice news images I found: News Image by WELFARE PARTY PHOTOS News Image by WELFARE PARTY PHOTOS News Image by WELFARE PARTY PHOTOS TV 2M

Stefy 3 @ Yahoo! Music Image by Redfishingboat (Mick O) The new-wave pop band Stefy performs in the Yahoo! Music green room. Yeah, it rocks. TV 2M

Some cool live news images: That Was the Year That Was – 1968 Image by brizzle born and bred The world would never be the same again It was a year of seismic social and political change across the globe. From the burgeoning anti-Vietnam war and civil rights movements in the United States, protests and […]

Radio Farigola Image by Radios Libres Cartel de Radio Farigola , radio llibre barrio de Prosperitat- Nou Barris 1982 FM Washington

Some cool news paper images: news Image by Yuya Tamai TV 2M

by Jeff Hester In these economic times, it can be easy to feel a little down. We all like to do things for ourselves for a good pick-me-up such as, the latte, the mani/pedi hour or a great new hairstyle. Other folks like an escape with lottery tickets, sodas and cigarettes. Everyone has a secret […]

by Elvert Barnes It will not be an exaggeration if love for cricket be termed as cricket fever; such is the people’s craze for this genre of sports. The stadium gets overcrowded with fans and those who are stuck with hectic schedules do get updated with the live cricket scores broadcasted in the television, news […]

by Jdmrhd All breaking news and outstanding events on 11 August 2011 in the world are excellently captured in the following impressive images. The airshow shows off power of Neal Darnell’s Flash Fire Jet Truck which is named the world’s fastest pick up truck. In the picture the Flash Fire Jet Truck races a propeller […]

by supercooper News is anything we want to know, but didn’t know already. It comes from everywhere, and the very width and depth of news from any corner of the world. Long ago news was defined as a very narrow form. Because publishers would print or telecast only up to certain limit about any issue […]

Some cool world news images: whirling people machine Image by joiseyshowaa A bit of a surreal treatment, but still cool. TIme delay and HDR. One night on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ. Web sites using this photo:……………………… […]