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Question by Do they normally administer drug tests when you participate in a clinical trial? I just signed up for a clinical trial on a new drug for major depression. Do they usually drug test you (for marijuana) during this process? I figure they probably at least do for hard drugs, but I wasn’t […]

by Xin Li 88 Question by kimandandyjennings: Do your normally make a dessert to go with dinner? Do you normally make a dessert to go with your dinner? Like all the time just a normal mid week dinner? If so, what is your fastest and easiest recipe you’ve got for a busy family meal and […]

I bought a 1.75 liter of Blavod vodka last night for $11.95 on sale at MGM and i’m starting to think i got a really good deal on it. I also feel like they might have messed up the sale price because a couple weeks ago they accidentally put the sale price for jameson whiskey […]

I normally drink vodka and cranberry. However, not only does it get expensive in a hurry, but it is a bit high maintenance! I’ve tried beers like Blue Moon and Heineken, but really can’t get into it. Is there a beer that would make the transition from vodka/cranberry easier?