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by wallyg Live in boot camps accommodate clients who need intense supervision and accountability for eating, sleeping, and most of all-training correctly. A firm commitment is required on the part of the client in order to comply with such a regimen. Customary in the fitness industry, services are prepaid upon signup. Financial commitment plays a […]

If you are like every other yo-yo dieter out there, chances are you have started and stopped several diet plans with no success. The first week is easy. You’re full of excitement. You tell yourself “this time will be different.” The second week is ok, a little harder than the first but you’re still sticking […]

Some cool free pictures images: The Prisoner – Number Six “Patrick McGoohan” (September 1967) …item 4.. Find Your Greatness (Sept 22, 2012 / 6 Tishrei 5773) … Image by marsmet545 Visualization gives us the clarity and vision to see what obstacles are holding us back from our dreams. Reflecting on the big picture of what […]

by Julius – Laid Back Question by Clothsline: How to get a phone number for radio shows? Hey, I am working on a online radio show. Is there any way i can get a phone number that is for the radio show when callers call in they are live on the air? -Thanks Best answer: […]

by roitberg Question by Priyank Rathod: What are negatives for Coca Cola of being number 1 brand in the world? For my business coursework i need to know what are the negative aspects for Coca Cola of being the number 1 brand in the world. I have no idea what i can write so i […]

Question by Me Enamora: Do you think it’s mean to laugh when a random guy tries asking you for your number? I laugh because of the way they try asking for your number. I don’t do it on purpose. You see I laugh at stupid stuff lol. I actually turn red because I feel bad […]

by BreadnBadger We have all noticed the ‘missing number 13’ phenomenon — elevator buttons, street addresses, parking spots, airport gates and office numbers often jump from 12 to 14 — where’d the 13 go? It all boils down to superstition but I do find it rather funny as I once lived on the 13th floor […]

I have noticed that if I drink beer I can drink a greater number of units of alcohol before I am drunk than if I drink a comparable number of units of alcohol in vodka. I have a friend who can drink loads of vodka and not be drunk but they are gone after a […]

The UK provides a great range of Stag and Hen Party destinations, all providing something unique, whether it be Brighton with its beach or the Lake District with its wide range of outdoor activities. However, there is one destination within the UK that proves the most popular year after year based on its great choice […]

Despite increasing opposition, the baby food industry continues to grow on account of rising health awareness, changing role of women and the expanding emerging economies. The infant food industry is one of the most strictly regulated industries in the world and it caters to the primary care market by providing food and beverages that are […]