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Dallas Fashion Week® Vendor Opportunities FASHION EXPO DALLAS Event on 2017-10-25 17:00:00 RUNWAY PACKAGE1. State of the art venue2. Professional Lighting3. Professional surround sound4. Professional staff (on-site):event managers, fashion director,dressers, lighting director, sound andproduction staff, front of house director,on-site ushers, and guest relations.5. Changing and preparation area, clothingracks, clothing hangers,and steamers6. Professional models from reputablemodeling […]

by xenocom If one has to name industries that are relatively insulated from any kind of recession, the food and entertainment industries come to mind immediately. When was the last time one heard of nobody going to a restaurant to eat, or not going to the theatre or cinema to seek some entertainment. It is […]

This morning I woke up around eight o’ clock, and went to Wawa for my morning cappuccino which is a daily routine for me, but this morning was much different from yesterday or any other morning for that matter. This morning I was approached by a homeless man. He was real scruffy looking, about 6’2 […]

by Hanumann Vision Shopsters: Emerging Flavors in Soft Drinks: New flavor blends, next generation superfruits, and future opportunities Flavor stimulates one or both of the senses of taste and smell and/or as well as the tactical and temperature receptors in the mouth. Flavor in drinks is derived from a variety of sources, including added ingredients […]

by Torley Research in Focus – Soft Drinks Global Trends and Opportunities Soft drinks volume sales still managed 3% growth in 2009 during the global economic downturn but this was about half what was seen during the peak years of 2006 and 2007. Affordability and value for money can still create category opportunities. In 2009, […]

by Coca-Cola Art Gallery Global Data: Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts onGlobal Refinery Coking Units “Global Refinery Coking Units to 2013: Investment Opportunities, Analysis and Forecasts of All Active and Planned Coking Units” is a comprehensive report on global coking capacity. The report provides coking capacity details of refineries across the world drilling by region, […]

by mikebaird Vision Shopsters: Innovations in Soft Drinks: Opportunities in detox, anti-energy and appetite suppressing drinks Soft drinks are non-alcoholic, carbonated as well as non-carbonated beverages and can be classified into seven categories. The global soft drinks market was valued at 9bn in 2009 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% to […]

by bloody marty mix Innovations In Mood And Mind Health Food And Drinks: Growth Opportunities, Effective Product Strategies And Evolution In Npd As is the nature of the food and drink business, emerging sectors such as mood/mind health have the ability to create a buzz among curious consumers and the potential to spark inspiration and […]

by Adam Foster | Codefor The Top 10 Snacks Companies: Emerging Opportunities, Growth Strategies And Financial Performance -Aarkstore Enterprise It includes profiles of the top ten companies in the industry and also includes a brief summary of the other major players. The current ranking evaluates snack foods based on their performance using the following intelligence […]

Are you Satisfied with your Diet, Nutrition Health or Weight? Are you a Creative Person Interested in Baking, Cooking, Wine & Cakes? Are you looking for an Additional source of Income by Cooking/Wine Making and running out of cash? Before taking any step Please read this Article that can Change Your Life Forever. Make sure […]