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“Couples” Paint Party at Yucatan Taco Stand in Dallas (Greenville) I 09.19.18 Event on 2018-09-19 19:00:00 Paint Party Express (DFW's mobile paint party company) will be at Yucatan Taco Stand in Dallas (Greenville) to teach you how to paint your very own masterpiece! Take your painting home with you when you're finished!  It's like an art […]

Follow Roman – Follow Dennis – Instagram – RomanAtwood Instagram – DennisRoady T-Shirts HERE – Behind The Scenes – Thanks so much for watching and a huge thanks to all the awesome officers that took this so well and had fun with it! DO NOT TRY THIS PRANK!!! We are trained […]

Volkswagen Bus Automotive Touch-Up Paint Half Pint Panama Brown L12A/E9 Suitable for Volkswagen Bus – Model Years 1977, 1978, 1979. Our professional sizes are unparalleled in color match, ease of use, and environmental impact. Ultra-low VOC’s means a more environmentally friendly paintjob. Color matching unrivaled by any brand means your paintjob looks the part. TouchUpDirect […]

by Ekinez Sortu Question by flyerscaptain69: How can the paint on a cola can stay there for years? What is the process for adding color to a cola can? It doesnt come off, but only fades over years. Best answer: Answer by arrianna_vtGood question! I never thought about it! I wonder too. Looking forward to […]

SOY-Gel Paint and Urethane Remover, Quart Easily remove paint, urethane, acrylic, epoxy or enamel Made with 100% American-grown soybeans One quart gives you up to 50 square feet of coverage May be used indoors or outdoors Quart Easily remove multiple layers of paint, urethane, acrylic, epoxy or enamel without the back-breaking work of sanding and […]

by Kordite Question by Nikki C: what kind of paint do i use to paint martini glasses? I want to paint a cute martini glass for an upcoming 21st birthday. I want to do it just like to Lolita glasses but i am not sure what kind of paint to use. Does anyone know?? thanks! […]

Eastwood Soda Blaster – Blast – Blasting Paint Removal Removes paint without harming sheet metal Soda blast with as little as 10cfm at 90 psi 100 lb capacity hopper 8′ blast hose with deadman valve Converts between soda and aggressive abrasive blasting Commercial soda blasters use high air volume, the Eastwood soda blaster only requires […]

by roblisameehan Fine Wine Art – How to Paint a Wine Glass Fine Wine Art has always been a passion for the English born artist Peter Kotka. In this Article Peter shows you the secret of how to construct a picture of a wine glass. You will find all of his tutorials available on his website at […]

by Xin Li 88 Question by MUSASHI: I’m trying to recreate a wine bar atmosphere. What colors should I paint my Recreation room? I want my recreation room to resemble the cozy and sociable atmosphere of a wine bar/ French or Italian cafe. What colors do you suggest? Best answer: Answer by charmaine sred Give […] – Follow Us! Ashley Greene will be appearing in one of the most highly anticipated magazines of the year – We’ve got the story and sneak peek at her pictorial all up next on ClevverTV. Hey guys-I’m your host Joslyn Davis- thanks for coming back to ClevverTV. Now, Kristen Stewart might be the rightful […]