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Some cool pentax camera images: Ham and eggs at Leila’s Cafe Image by Phil Gyford One of the few black and white shots I’ve taken where I wish I’d had colour. Very tasty. By Arnold Circus off Shoreditch High Street. 50mm 1/30 f4 Kodak Tri-X 400 Wrapped St Paul’s – 3 Image by Phil Gyford […]

New toy… #pentax #6×7 #mediumformat #camera #lovely – by WillVickers (Will Vickers) Bookmark To Photo Cameras & co.

Field Test: Pentax K-30 For this field test, I mounted an 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens ($ 1147 for the body/lens kit) on it, and took the Pentax to San Francisco Bay to photograph the Rolex Big Boats Series. Prior to that event, I tested the unit's in-camera HDR option … Read more on TechHive Six […]

Some cool pentax camera images: PENTAX K200D Image by HAMACHI! Pentax K20D???K10D?????????????? PENTAX K20D Image by HAMACHI! Pentax K20D???K10D?????????????? Bookmark To Photo Cameras & co.

Some cool pentax camera images: Pentax LX – “painted shutter curtains” Image by wolf4max The LX is Pentax´s top-SLR from the 80s. One of its special-features is its shutter. Its "hybride". That means it works even without battery-power. The long times from 1/75s till 60s (and more) are controlled electronically, the short times from 1/75s […]

Are the Pentax and Canon DSLR lenses interchangeable? #Camera #Lens #Photography – by dremtee (Madhup Thakur) Bookmark To Photo Cameras & co.

Pentax updates K-5 dSLR, offers AA-filter-free model Pentax makes pretty good dSLRs, and with its traditional dust-, weather-, and cold-resistant body plus comparable specs to the Nikon D7000, it really deserved a look. I hope the same won't be true about its replacement(s), the K-5 II and IIs which … Read more on CNET PETNAX […] Pentax launches Optio P70: Digital Photography Review5 Jan 2009 … Pentax launches Optio P70: Pentax has also launched the Optio P70 digital compact camera. Sporting a 12 megapixel image sensor, … Optio P70 Digital Camera (Silver) – Official PENTAX Imaging Web SiteAs the… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Bookmark To Photo Cameras & co.

by mobilene Whilst a popular photography brand with many dedicated followers, Pentax’s real forte was the age of 35mm film SLR camera and so when digital SLRs began to become popular, it took several years for Pentax to catch up to the market leaders, Nikon and Canon. When they did arrive, however, they arrived in […]

Pentax SMC FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited Lens When used on an APS-C camera it captures a 64.5mm equivalent field of view, which makes it a long normal or short telephoto lens. Of course, you can also use it on 35mm film cameras, where it serves as a true normal lens—its focal length is equal to […]