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by Radio Paca You have decided that you want to make extra money, or even a full time income with your own home based business! Here are some things to consider… *You are not interested in any type of MLM or network marketing deal where you have to recruit people! (I don’t blame you…everyone seems […]

How many times have you turned to music to uplift you even further in happy times, or sought the comfort of music when melancholy strikes? Music affects us all. But only in recent times have scientists sought to explain and quantify the way music impacts us at an emotional level. Researching the links between melody […]

by Chuckumentary Spectacular costumes that have left customers awestruck with their amazing varieties  Human civilization has been obsessed with fashion and style in modern times. There has been a huge increase in purchase of Cocktail Dresses which provide great benefits to the women folks. Due to amazing varieties above costume has created a huge fan […]

Neighbours: Video shows suspicious person enter bar Though Knittel believes bar security did all they could that night, they've since done even more. They built a new wall separating an entrance to Neighbours from the adjoining bar, Therapy. Entry and re-entry will require a bag check. Security … Read more on SC Bar Young […]

by rubenvike Question by tpmike2004: What happens to a person who quits coke cold turkey? My friend has been doing coke for 5 months everyday and wants to quit cold turkey. What will happen to him? Best answer: Answer by ScottyHe should switch to Pepsi…..or maybe 7-up (no caffeine)! Seriously though, he may have some […]

by “Caveman Chuck” Coker Question by mike: Why is speaking to someone in third person annoying? Why is speaking to someone is third person annoying? For example…If someone was talking to Mike and said, “This Mike is pretty bad,” or “This Mike is pretty.” I know speaking about yourself in third person means you have […]

by Xan Guindan Question by WEIRD PIGLET GAL: what is the name of the drug addiction and mental illness person? what is the name of the person that treats drug addiction and mental illness?? my therapist told me it and i can’t remember ‘oma’ or something like that. ty. ** it is a certain type […]

Question by Zyon: How does a person to to rehab while in high school? Do you need to continue school inside rehab, take time off like the semester and re-do it? How does it work ? Thanks!! Best answer: Answer by MandyMy cousin went during the summer but I think you have to contact the […]

by Ben30 Question by achainta: what kind of alcoholic drinks should a person have if they never drink alcohol before? i would want a drink that does not have so much alcohol by volume! since I like certain fruits, i heard that some drinks that are flavored with fruit are good to start off. Best […]

Question by Mr Durden: How do I photoshop a picture to make the person in it look realistically nude? My friend has some pictures of herself in a swimsuit and she’s betting me that I can’t find a way to edit them and make her look nude. I want to know if this is within […]