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1, GB2760-1996 ” Food Additives Use of health standards “revised progress GB2760 revision last 3 years solicit food additive producers, food additive units, food industry associations and the competent authorities of all the views, and conduct a thorough comparison study, learn from the CAC, the EU, the United States , Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand […]

by Shinmi0205 Question by kowgirlkasey: Why is water the best liquid for plants? What is in water that makes plants grow so well ? Best answer: Answer by Shiny Happy PeopleRainwater is actually the best water for plants because it contains minerals naturally that are helpful to the plant. Tap water is not as helpful […]

by Chaval Brasil Question by xel lei: What effects does acid water have on plants? I have been watering my plants acid water for over a month now and they have become really bushy. What is happening to them? In case you are wondering where i get my acid water it’s from a machine that […]

by distopiandreamgirl Question by kitkatshar: When to put coffee grounds on my plants? I have been saving my coffee grounds and now have a 3 lb can full. Problem is, the landscapers came and put mulch around everything. Is it too late to use the coffee grounds? If not – what is the best way […]

by David C. Foster Question by Liz Ho Ho: Is it bad to water your plants too much? I just water them for one day then skip for two days. Come back and water them again. They are looking fine. The flowers are blooming, and no wilting. Do you think it is bad to over […]

Question by crissy: Why do plants shrink when coke is the liquid poured everyday? specifically ASKING: what substance does coke have inside that makes a plant shrink? Best answer: Answer by Scarletteit depends on the weight of the plant..,.,,. maybe beacause coke of the coke’s molecules.., What do you think? Answer below!

by alison.mckellar Plants which are good for your Health Most people do not know the value or significance of the food they eat. They just eat to live instead of eat to live well. With the advancement in science and food technology, foodstuffs have gone just beyond making us live. They also have good medicinal […]

by freefotouk Question by Setuch: What do water desalinating plants dilute brine with before returning it back to the ocean? I read in an article that it takes two gallons of sea water to make one gallon of fresh water. My question is the left over water or brine is twice as salty as regular […]

Question by Nikke: Can I water my outdoor plants and flowers with my well water? We cannot drink the water. It was not recommended anyway by a water purification company. We buy gallons of water to cook with and drink. Apparently the well water has a high sulfur content in it and we cannot consume […]

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