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Poetry Tour (Arlington, TX) ‘Eargasms & Eruptions’ Event on 2018-04-28 18:00:00 The Poetic Den is making its first stop in Arlington, Texas on its Six (6) City Poetic Tour presenting "Eargasms & Eruptions'….. Come experience 10 of the most amazing poets from Dallas, Fort Worth, Killeen & Houston, hosted by Mr. Reverse It…. Along with […]

Some cool Washington music images: Poetry And Music by Claude Michel Image by Metal Chris My mom asked me to take some photos of this sculpture for a project on her blog she was working on. It is located in the National Gallery Of Art’s West Building in the Smithsonian in Washington DC. The placard […]

Dedication poem by Robert Atchison to 2 friends of mine that past in 2005.. Patrick “Pat” Murphy and Rashaad “Boogie” Green.. 2 fingers means peace out or goodbye. TWEET ME @iGotWordz FACEBOOK ME @ Video Rating: 4 / 5 A generally slow day but all seems well so far. Check out Shade’s channel as […]

by LexnGer walking swiftly avenue throbbing cars passing by, spitting fumes high, into the sky buses stopping and going pick up their fares taxis perusing around crowded street lanes walking as swiftly- purposeful as one can try to be, undistracted by the shrieks of tires in their incessant role on the pot-holed and paved black hot tar street, heated by the sun a hot day in June; passing the streets drug-ridden with blight cleaning out cobwebs inside of […]