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  Eating pomegranates is a New Year’s eve tradition in many countries of the world since it is supposed to bring good fortune on the love front. The myth comes from the legend of Proserpina, daughter of Jupiter and Ceres, who symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty, though the story has little to do with love. Proserpina […]

by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton Question by happyfarmerswife: Pomegranate Margarita Recipe? I recently drank a couple of absolutely wonderful pomegranate margaritas at the Longhorn Steakhouse, I would love their recipe. Does anyone have it? Best answer: Answer by Dan JHere is Bobby Flay’s version …,,FOOD_9936_32057,00.html?rsrc=search Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Check out these soft drinks images: Pomegranate Image by bill barber Lolly water Image by -JosephB- Experiments with wide aperture: soft drink bottles Image by Chris Devers

by ZakVTA ‘Amruth Home Garden’ programme is a unique concept initiated by Frlht, Bangalore that involves setting up of home herbal gardens with a carefully selected mosaic of medicinal herbs, shrubs, climbers and trees for use as a first response to the family’s primary healthy care needs.. Punica granatum (Botanical name) Pomegranate (English) Anar (Hindi); […]

by slgckgc It is know that the pomegranate is the oldest fruit known to man. This perfect fruit has seeds that are surrounded by a sac of sweet tart juice contained by a thin membrane. This membrane is paper-thin which is bitter to the taste. The membrane is useful as a skin wash. You have […]

by Moisturizing Tranquilizers When we lived in Malta, we ate a lot of pomegranate. We even had a tree in the garden and indeed are house was named after the pomegranate, Ta’ Rumina (in Maltese). The pomegranate is an ancient fruit enveloped in much history and myth, especially in the Middle East. Pomegranate is significant […]

by Dale Gillard So, apparently Pomegranate Clear is the number one selling antioxidant cleanse in America. Why? Well according to their website, they claim Pom Clear contains the most effective ingredients, which are also the most potent, available on the market to day. I tried the product for 60 days. Here is my review. During […]

Question by oshackle: what is the easiest way to juice a pomegranate? I see bottles of pomegranate juice in the stores. They probably have large machines to do this, but for someone at home are there any small machines or any suggestions on juicing pomegranates. Best answer: Answer by TylerI have tried this and though […]

by ginsnob The claimed uses of pomegranate juice It is remarked that pomegranate juice fights breast cancer. This powers appear towards be a red herring but learns within Israel indicated that there was a opportunity for spoiling the cancerous cells. There was also an opportunity that the juice powers actually deter the initial increases stage. […]

by gadgetgirl The newest food to be mentioned as one of the most beneficial to health is pomegranate. As with other bright and vividly colored foods, this fruit has been found to possibly help the body in a number of ways. Pomegranate health benefits can come from the fruit itself, but is more commonly taken […]