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by mallix Until death do us part, is a phrase that is commonly found in the marriage vows of most civil ceremonies. Young couples that fall in love and make a promise to be with each other throughout their lifetime can wake up one day to realize that the person they fell in love with […]

Every cosmetic surgery has its own share of side effects and tummy tuck is not an exception either. Although the symptoms may trigger widespread discomfort, it would be wrong to regard them as complications. The effects are sometimes caused by the immune system inside a person’s body as it tries to speed up the process […]

Elderly rehabilitation is the process of regaining the physical and mental abilities of an elder person that were lost when they were sick. Rehabilitation is needed to improve the quality of life and allowing them to lead a more fulfilling lifestyle. Most elderly do not wish to spend their rehabilitation period in a hospital due […]

Comics AM | Warner Bros. plans buyouts, possible layoffs Legal | Hirofumi Watanabe has filed an appeal in Tokyo District Court, seeking to overturn his conviction on charges of sending threatening letters to venues and retailers linked to the Kuroko's Basketball manga and anime series. Watanabe admitted to … Read more on Comic Book Resources […]

affiliate marketing by gbohne Question by Kiki: Is it possible to find a longhorn and aggie tshirt that has both teams on it….? My brother attends UT and I recently got accepted into A&M and I want to get my mom a shirt that says something like “Longhorn AND Aggie Mom” or something cute. If […]

Despite Possible Price Increase, Beer Drinkers Say They Will Keep Drinking “It's no big deal that I drink. I think 7 out of 10 Tunisians drink. Beer is the only thing that allows me to relax and hang out with friends after a stressful week,” said 24-year-old student Houssem Jobbi. Anxious about the increase, Jobbi […]

by jo^4 Question by Nick K: Will it be possible in the future to teach a robot how to experience pain, pleasure and emotions? Without being able to feel, a robot can never be motivated to improve itself intellectually. Only pain or pleasure can motivate anyone to self-perfect. Right? Best answer: Answer by Victoria Kyea […]

affiliate marketing Question by Daniel: Is it possible to play football twice? I wa curious. Let’s say that I play football at Florida State and then I get into Auburn and i want to play football for Auburn after I graduate from there. Is that allowed? Best answer: Answer by WillIf I understand your question, […]

Question by Buffy: How is it possible that my self confidence could have dropped from 32 to 15 since January? In JROTC we take a test for self awareness, last year I scored a 32/100 in self confidence, this year I scored a 15! How did this happen so quickly? HEY nice answers please, thank […]

by fox_kiyo There are several visible signs and symptoms of milk allergy found in children. Some of the really prominent symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting, rashes on the skin and watery eyes. Such symptoms should not be taken lightly since they can have adverse repercussions and may even lead to hyperactivity and ear infection. Studies have […]