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by kengo DAB digital radios offer a number of advantages over traditional AM and FM radios – they supply a far greater choice in radio stations, the capacity to pause and rewind live radio, and they remove the typically frustrating hissing and popping that comes with other radios. Pure Digital are a main manufacturer of […]

Pure Bathing Culture Event on 2016-06-02 20:00:00 with Choir Boy, Angel Magic To hear Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman tell it, their Portland, OR-based band Pure Bathing Culture has always evolved naturally and at a steady pace. "That's really the path we've been on as a band, always putting one foot in front of the […]

Lisa Gade reviews the Moto X Pure Edition (called the Moto X Style outside the US). This is Motorola’s high end Android phone for 2015, and as ever it features customizable backs, front faces and accent colors. The Moto X Pure Edition has a 5.7” QHD 2560 x 1440 LCD and it runs Android 5.1 […]

Individual products over the colony more than additive Spot checks show that some of Jiangsu Province, purified water, cold drinks excessive amount of free chlorine Recently launched a beverage Jiangsu Bureau of Quality Supervision, Beer , Cold, pure water, T-shirts, aerosol insecticides, electric fans and other product quality supervision and spot checks. 1208 batches of […]

Since sickness, obesity, and disease are on the rise more people in the United States are paying closer attention to their diet and health. As a result many people have turned to Eastern diet health practices, such as drinking pure Noni juice to improve their vitality. Although Noni juice was only commercialized in the West […]

reupload: – removed tracks which caused the copyright infringement: Angel Beats Fairy Tail Kill La Kill – new: Hunter x Hunter (2011) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Hopefully it will… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Big thanks to Anh for narrating! ——————————————– Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 […]

Every human being or rather every being on earth should have access to three things, food, water and air. Inhaling unpolluted pure air, having pure water for drinking and food to sustain your body is not a luxury but undoubtedly a necessity. But unfortunately, in this age of pollution, pure drinking water like puree oxygenated […]

A glass of Pure Drinking Water is the essential need of every individual wishing to lead a healthy life. It is also considered that a glass of clean and safe drinking water is a deserving need of every individual living in the world. To ensure the idea of clean and pure drinking water, a number […]

It is no unusual affair to see one just grabbing a glass, turning on the faucet, and shoving the glass under the flow. And when the glass goes full, the faucet gets turned off. In few seconds, the glass gets emptied into the throat! Have you ever delved whether the H2O that flows from the […]

by Tambako the Jaguar Some animal studies suggest possible health benefits from goji juice, such as reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol. This tropical fruit juice as stated earlier is a derivative of the goji berry that comes from the Lycium species of plants particularly the barbarum variety commonly referred to as the English wolfberry, […]