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How To Quit Your Job Happy Hour Event on 2016-09-29 18:00:00 Itchin' to Break Free From Your 9-5 and Earn a Living Doing Your Own Thing? Do you have a passion or skill you suspect you could turn into a business, but you have no idea how to do it or where even to start? […]

There is no other better method to Quit Smoking Naturally other than to just plainly stop lighting a cigarette, ever. People call this the cold-turkey method. But its success rate is as rare as a turkey would be on your dining table during a regular day. More than 95 percent of the time, people will […]

When you decide to stop smoking, it can cause a bit of a shock to your body at first. Your body “misses” the nicotine you used to give to it. The withdraw symptoms you feel is your body trying to convince you to give it nicotine. Even though these withdraw symptoms don’t last long, it’s […]

When you quit smoking cigarettes, it could be wise to brace yourself against the possible withdrawal symptoms which may come your way. There is a variety of withdrawal symptoms from the addictive drug of nicotine which you could encounter and this article looks closely at some of the implications that giving up smoking for good […]

One of the major reasons why so many smokers are afraid to quit smoking is due to the withdrawal symptoms. Almost all, if not all smokers will go through a period of withdrawal symptoms during the period of quitting. This is because the body is trying to adjust back to its initial state of not […]

Anytime you smoke cigarettes, your whole body is subjected to nicotine, an unusually addicting chemical. The longer interval that the body is subjected to nicotine, the trickier it is for the overall body to work correctly without such chemical substance. This is why exactly why men and women that smoke cigarettes, certainly individuals who have […]

1) Saved Money Not everybody actually understands how much money does these Friday and Saturday night-outs cost. By being sober, you could use your alcohol money for a lot of better, self-improving things, like investing more in your business, buying some new clothes, starting some new, interesting activities for yourself and your family, getting some […]

Wow, 8 reasons to quit drinking soda sounds like a big deal. Well, it is. Americans do not realize what they are doing when they drink soda on a regular basis. But maybe they do and I am just naive? The reasons to quit drinking soda are not meant to convince you to change your […]

I have some strategies outlined below about how to help alcoholics to quit drinking alcohol. These are ideas that I have used that kept me sober for over eight years now, and I also see these concepts working for other people in their recovery as well. I am lucky enough to also work in the […]

Alcohol can lead to severe consequences when a person is under its influence. The effects of alcohol can lead to a person to say and do things that would be highly unwise otherwise. It could lead to the damage of property, huge financial losses, family problems and also health problems that could lead to premature […]