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John McAndrew Little Rock Recovery Concert Event on 2016-07-09 19:00:00 AN UNFORGETTABLE EVENING OF RECOVERY BASED ENTERTAINMENT THAT WILL TOUCH YOUR HEART AND ROCKET YOU INTO THE FOURTH DIMENSION – LIVE ON STAGE AT THE RON ROBINSON THEATER John McAndrews recovery based music has been heard around the world at recovery conferences and national events […]

A rotator cuff injury therapy based on specific exercises is the best approach for a fast rehabilitation from injury or disorder. Physical therapy program should be the core aspect of an injury recovery program along typical remedies like anti inflammatories. There is a variety of reasons why a shoulder injury may occur, from occupational reasons […]

A rotator cuff tear rehabilitation program based on external and internal rotation exercises is the most effective method to fully rehabilitate the cuff and prevent future injuries from occurring again. A torn cuff typically strikes young individuals playing sports or people involved in sudden exertions without previous preparation. Tears usually occur to people playing tennis, […]

The long lasting Frozen Shoulder disorder can be helped resolve quicker with a program of adhesive capsulitis physical therapy. Such program can be implemented in the thawing phase of the disorder when the adhesions naturally break down, in order to speed up a process that normally takes up to 1 year to resolve naturally. Over […]

An executive rehab program is one designed for executives and experts, who have special needs and higher specifications that must be achieved. A normal rehab program is crowded, has limited remedy methods and alternatives, and delivers inexpensive furnishings plus a employees that is certainly small and usually overworked. An executive rehab program is the exact […]

Often times you will encounter people drinking energy or more correctly recovery drinks in the gym, when working out. Whilst some prefer to drink water others will opt for recovery drinks as these can directly influence the rate of recovery of the muscles that are being exercised and will therefore maximise the energy and recuperation […]

Global surveys and medical reports have proved that orthopedic problems are on the constant rise with people over the age of 45 years or so. It has also been seen that these problems are more pronounced in females when compared to males. This happens because calcium levels decrease drastically in women with age and the […]

Addiction is a serious disease that needs to be treated by professionals. Treatment for addiction differs from many other kinds of treatment in that it often requires a significant mental and emotional effort on the part of the addict in order for treatment to be effective. Choosing the right addiction recovery programmes is vital both […]

Trailer #1 for “Take These Broken Wings,” a 75-minute documentary on recovery from schizophrenia without medication. DVD available at:… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Vicoden: side effects and treatments

Recovery from drug addiction is always possible: Redneck was 42 years old when he became sober. As Director of Interventions for City of Angels NJ Inc. (COA)… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Vicoden: side effects and treatments