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Question by Matt: How can anyone like the fact that the radio plays the same songs over and over? And is FM radio losing listeners because of this? If so, wouldn’t this make radio stations feel the need to stop playing the same songs over and over? Best answer: Answer by Joshwe don’t Know better? […]

Question by Moi: Is soy and soya the same thing and also why is soya bad? I keep hearing that its bad everywhere and I drink alot of soya milk. Best answer: Answer by Crystali don’t know but I remember in HK where it is reasonably hot up to 35 degress which is only when […]

Question by ucfgraduate05: Is that Cola flavored Jolt Energy drink in the Battery cans the same as the Jolt Cola sold in the 80’s? I don’t remember if I ever drank the original Jolt Cola. If I did, I was too young to remember. I tried the cola flavored jolt energy from the gas station […]

Question by thebourne_id: Are scotch and whiskey the same liquor? I ask because in stores and bars you will see bottles of scotch, bottles of whiskey and then bottles that say scotch whiskey. Does that mean that whiskey is some bastardized, cut-corner redneck scotch, and thus cannot be called scotch? Is whiskey essentially scotch made […]

by ajmexico Eating out doesn’t have to involve McDonalds, oversized portions of pasta, and many refills of Coke. In fact, there are things that you can do to make eating out part of a nutritious diet. Fast food restaurants as well sit-down restaurants serve meals that are high in calories, fat, saturated fat, and sodium, […]

Question by ashleyannx21: Why is Red Bull considered dangerous/unhealthy if it has approx the same amt of caffeine as a cup of coffee? I’m just curious… I really enjoy the taste and caffeine boost of Sugar Free Red Bull. If I drink one daily, is it really any different than having a cup of coffee […]