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A few nice african songs images I found: Slaves during slavery in the South. Photograph display on Gullah culture at Boone Hall Plantation. Image by denisbin Boone Hall Plantation. What is special about Boone Hall? It has a wonderful Virginian Live Oak alley which was planted from 1743 to 1843. The plantation has been continuously […]

Question by energy2x: Why are so many people mislead into thinking the Civil War was over slavery? The FACT of the matter is the only reason the civil war happend was because the south was quickly becoming their own country. They had their own currency, gov’t, white house, capitol and everything. The North had slaves […]

by ReeseCLloyd Question by ?: How did the cotton gin increase the demand for slavery in the late 1700s? I don’t get it. If the cotton gin made it easier to pick cotton, why would they need more slaves to pick the cotton too, now that theyhad the cotton gin? I’m here reading my history […]