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Dexter in my mind is the no.1 show on TV right now. So for the love of this show i have made this simple recipe that anyone can do. Make your own Dexter blood slides and eat them while watching Dexter tonight! Recipe idea borrowed with thanks from: Follow me on: […]

Please be sure to leave a like 🙂 It Helps us Zombie Slayers Dead Island walkthrough / playthrough with creatures Kootra, Sp00n and Seamus. Come with us as we venture into the land of zombies and touch their boobies.. We also loot alot of items and stuff and stuff. Completely MLG pro at this […]

Water Slides! Water Slides, We Love Water Slides!   Have you asked your kids lately what it is that they like to have? If you ask them during the summer days, they would say water slides in unison for sure. Waters slides are the perfect toys during the summer. These are life-size air-inflated toys that […]