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Soda is one of the most popular beverage choices in the world. You can find hundreds of different types of sodas everywhere, from restaurants to grocery stores. It’s one of the easiest beverages to get and many people crave their daily sodas. The biggest problem is that soda is filled with sugary components which can […]

If you want to have great long lasting soda machine, then cleaning is a priority. It may take a little time, but the effort that you put into it will outweigh the costs that may incur in the long run. These basic routine maintenance steps will keep you vending machine up and running for years […]

Homemade cleaning products are an easy way to ensure you make cleaning Eco friendly. The key point is that you as an average consumer would not be allowed to simply buy the key ingredients in a conventional cleaning product because they are toxic. If you can buy ingredients for environmentally friendly cleaners you can bet […]

Silver is a favorite metal for jewelery and trinkets all over the world due to its really nice soft and warm qualities. It is very easy to be tarnished. You are advised to store silver in acid free cloth or tissue paper to keep it tarnish free. But back in the real world, most of […]

Whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home can be just as effective as making a dreaded trip to the dentist office for a costly visit of whitening applications. In fact, you do not even need to spend up to $ 50 on over-the-counter teeth whitening products to gain the whiter and brighter […]

OK, we all know that regular soda is bad for you. It has spoonfuls of sugar and nasty chemicals and drinking it regularly is a sure recipe for weight gain. But what about diet soda? It has zero calories so it’s a good thing for losing weight right? Well, findings by a University of Texas […]

Sweating profusely can be embarrassing especially when you’re out there trying to socialize or even worst when you’re on a date. The more you think about it, the more you get anxious, the more you sweat. Depending which areas of your body you tend to sweat a lot, there’s a way on how to treat […]

By now everyone knows that bodies need hydration. And almost everyone knows they need water – not just anything that’s liquid. But some have not developed a taste for plain water. Smart manufacturers know that, so they sell pop under a different name: Flavored water. This is not good news for people who are trying […]

Wow, 8 reasons to quit drinking soda sounds like a big deal. Well, it is. Americans do not realize what they are doing when they drink soda on a regular basis. But maybe they do and I am just naive? The reasons to quit drinking soda are not meant to convince you to change your […]

In the vending business, selling drinks from a vending machine is one of the easiest money makers. You must have a selection of different drinks such as mineral water, juices and sodas. Also needed would be a thoughtful place to position your machine. Think carefully about the location of the machine, because the decision alone […]