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Shirts auf Persteasy Crew Beat…

by Sifu Renka When you hear the word ‘cocktail,’ you may think of a party or a certain type of dress. However, there is another use of this term that’s making a big comeback in the world of jewelry. First made popular in the 1940s and 1950s, cocktail rings are large oversized rings that feature […]

A few nice milk images I found: Milk Splash Image by Robbie’s Photo Art Milk Splash Apr 2008 0005 1/41,600 (flash minimum power) of a second Milk’n Moos and Paper Boat Fleet Image by andreasnilsson1976 My friend Extra Super Cutie has taken this set with paper boats. My milk’n moos thought it would be fun […]

In the not so distant future, the earth will run out of fresh water because of global warming and Glen Beck The Wizz Beverage Company is using state of the art technology to turn your piss into your favorite beverages! Dont drink the purple stuff, grab some Urine Splash and celebrate Earth Day! Please visit […]

Nature’s Splash Low Calorie Mango Pineapple Drink Mix, 7-Count Sticks -SIX BOXES- BEST BUY DATE 07/15/11 List Price: $ 14.99 Price: $ 14.99

A few nice water images I found: water splash Image by hamad M water splash water is unfit for human consumption Image by woodleywonderworks Global Water Shortage Looms In New Century (Many more signs like this to come) When most U.S. citizens think about water shortages — if they think about them at all — […]

Twinlab Energy Fuel High Perfomance, Carbonated Fruit Splash, 8.4-Ounces (Pack of 24) Delicious and refreshing Zero calories fat carbs and sugar Vegetarian formula Twinlab’s Energy Fuel® carbonated supplement is not only full of fantastic fruit flavor, but it helps you get the extra energy you need for your demanding high performance lifestyle.* This herbal formula […]

A few nice coke images I found: Paternò – A splash of freezing coke Image by ciccioetneo A picture taken some minutes ago inside my DIY SOFTBOX LIGHTCUBE and obtained from a single raw shot and after processed with Photoshop. Hello to everybody! Please no group invites. I really don’t have the time required to […]

When creating a lemon splash martini, mix vodka, amaretto, triple sec and lemon juice in a cocktail glass. Make this wonderful alcoholic beverage with tips from a bartender in this free video on bartending drinks. Expert: Babz Zerillo Bio: Babz Zerillo has been bartending for more than five years. During that time Zerillo has worked […]

Splash of Bourbon: Kentucky’s Spirit: A Cookbook Baked into breads, simmered in stews, shaken over salads or dribbled in drinks and desserts, a bit of bourbon whiskey makes food taste better. Kentucky cooks have known this for a long time, but, with the increasing popularity of bourbon, a whole new generation of food lovers has […]