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scallop salad 2 Image by Washthebowl Organic spring mix greens with red onion, sweet red pepper, scallions, mushrooms, crumbled goat cheese, Moroccan sun dried olives, tomatoes,olive oil vinaigrette Topped off with wonderful baked sea scallops drizzled with fresh lemon juice, hot sauce and cilantro… Every was allowed to sit and meld flavors before eating. Squeezing […]

by sweet mustache Question by Lindz: Does lemon juice from concentrate work the same way as squeezing juice from a lemon? I’ve been adding lemon juice from concentrate in my water and I was wondering if it had the same effect as just squeezing a fresh lemon into the water? Thanks. I don’t care about […]

by geminder Question by Sasha: Is using lemon juice from concentrate in tea the same as squeezing real lemons in it? I know its made from real lemons but Im just trying to figure out how much concentrated lemon juice I should put into my tea. Im trying to help heal my laryngitis and am […]

yeah it would be a wonked shape and may not balance so well, but would this really help?