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by Abitha_Arabella Everybody procrastinates. Anyone who tells you they don’t isn’t being truthful to you or to themselves. It’s a matter of how much procrastinating you do. Who likes to do things they don’t really enjoy doing? That’s nobody that I know. Are you overly cautious? Always waiting for “the right time” to begin putting an ideas or plans into action. Your […]

by U.S. Pacific Fleet As I studied psychiatric nursing and gained experience at a psychiatric facility and psychiatric wards in hospitals I became comfortable with the counseling aspect of nursing. I also worked on an adolescent ward seeing how they showed the rebellious nature. Even as I worked on a prison ward with children and […]

Are you feeling stressed? Is your anger going to erupt like molten lave? Do you feel sad and lonely? The solution to these questions is laughter. Laughter is the contagious disease that just eases you within seconds. No need of heavy medications or trips to the psychiatrist. A small and daily dosage of laughter is […]

If you want to enhance your physical and emotional balance then it is advisable that you must start taking energy drinks. Every energy drink will not make you feel alert or boost your energy but some of the best energy drinks will surely meet all your needs. Energy drinks provide extra energy to body […]