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Turlock student's Michael Jackson moves even impress other teens (video) It's pretty tough to look cool performing in a high school talent show, especially when presenting a solo lip-sync routine of a Michael Jackson song released before anyone in attendance was born. Pitman High School junior Brett Nichols doesn't have … Read more on SFGate […]

Question by Adam P: What do teens in Spanish Speaking countries like to do for fun? I have a project to do in Spanish class and I’m wondering what do Spanish Speaking students do in their free time for fun? Thanks! Best answer: Answer by nickmanssSOCCER GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Add your own answer in the comments! Bookmark […]

Question by katshiarose: Teens getting high off Trileptal and Vicodin? I’ve heard of teen (and others, but mostly teens) getting high on cold medicine containing Dextromethorphan. I’ve heard from from some people that Trileptal and Vicoden (not together) are also used. Has anyone heard about this? How do those drugs affect you if at all? […]

by Bernt Rostad Question by Yahoo! King: Are distilled beverages better for teens to drink rather than beer? Are distilled beverages (vodka) better for teens to drink rather than beer (coors light, bud light, etc)? Can you get drunk off distilled beverages just like like beer? Best answer: Answer by Paige mDistilled drinks (vodka, rum […]

by @giovanni What Teens and Parents Need to Know About, Drinking, Drugging, Driving and the Law – Part 1 The purpose of this 3-part article isn’t to preach or lecture you about not drinking or using drugs. I realize that many teens reading this have probably already been faced with making that decision at one […]

by Peter E. Lee Healthy Snack Ideas for Children and Teens Kids love to snack! Especially after school, on rainy days, while watching TV and even when they are bored. If they are going to snack then make sure you provide them with a selection of healthy snacks. With little ones and grade school children […]

Please Dont Drink and Drive

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As an adult you know you did plenty of stupid things when you were a teen. Maybe that’s why teen drinking is a growing problem. Maybe our guilt as parents prevents us from being too strict about teenage drinking. To add fuel to the fire, hundreds of times a day our children see and […]