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Question by Cleveland-OSU: Im throwing a disco party? A year from now for my moms 50th. Ive been asking her whats was your favorite music growing up and she became of age in 1970s and I read thats usually a good theme. So Im going to be asking people to wear costumes, not to tell […]

THROWING SHADE: A UCB COMEDY SHOW Event on 2013-08-25 20:00:00 Mainstage / Doors at 8:00 Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi bring their popular podcast "Throwing Shade" to Washington, D.C. for an evening of well, everything. Ready yourself for an evening of shade throwing, bad impressions, frank sexual talk and most importantly, Erin and Bryan talkin' […]

Question by jewbank: How can I get a mentos and diet coke bottle rocket to “take off” without throwing it on the ground? This is what I have tried: Insert mentos in coke bottle, close cap, angle with cap down inside of xmas tree stand, cut off cap with shears. I can’t understand why this […]

Question by David: What is the best bar for throwing darts on the West Side of Cleveland? I live in Elyria and it is almost impossible to find a laid back bar with dart boards that are available for play on a weekend night. The bars I know of either have poor quality dart boards […]

by iwona_kellie Question by architectlv: I heard when throwing a party to prepare enough food (tapas) for 25% of the total people coming. True? Best answer: Answer by andie0910That would be way too little food. For a 2 hour party that has appetizers or tapas for the main source of food, you should have about […]

by sinosplice Question by Betrunkene Katze ist Müde: How much liters 40% wodka can you drink without throwing up? took me 1.5 liter of 40% (not proof, but percent) wodka, .5 liter of 40% rum, .5 liter of 50% rum, 5 gulps of jägermeister, and .5 liter of gin. you? ahahaha suggested category was non […]

by Erik van Roekel How To Throwing Light On Espresso Coffee Machines A wonderful common Italian powerful coffee refinement is definitely espresso. It is made by way of requiring domestic hot water (195 qualification Fahrenheit) worries big force (that handlebars) by special coffee surface for a steadiness involving particularly first-class and even pulverulence. The white […]