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by Abitha_Arabella Everybody procrastinates. Anyone who tells you they don’t isn’t being truthful to you or to themselves. It’s a matter of how much procrastinating you do. Who likes to do things they don’t really enjoy doing? That’s nobody that I know. Are you overly cautious? Always waiting for “the right time” to begin putting an ideas or plans into action. Your […]

Over half of high school students and a third of middle school students say that drugs exist on their campus. Although students receive information through h… Video Rating: 3 / 5 Genesis No Tengo Alegria (Lluvia de Alcohol) Genesis el Bohemio del Amargue – Album El Emigrante, 2008 Genesis el Bohemio de la Bachata – […]

Douglas and Donna Bickford 503-935-2475 Video Rating: 4 / 5 Bookmark To TV 2M

It was in 1959 that James Vicary claimed he increased the sales of popcorn and coke just by showing movie-goers subliminal messages. This was such a shock to the general public, and public officials alike, that it lead to subliminal messages being banned from television and radio in Australia, the USA and the UK. Startlingly […]

What the exchange programs won’t tell you. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Bookmark To VLoggers

by amdolu In 1957, a movie theater in New Jersey, James Vicary acted the most popular experiments on the result of subliminal messaging. In order to flash subliminal messaging system to make the public want to purchase a Coke and popcorn, he says, it was the sale of products increase from the beginning controversial. There […]

Some cool Radio images: Image from the Radio Dialogue art exhibition titled ‘The truth will set you free’ Image by Sokwanele – Zimbabwe Blogged here: “The truth will set you free” – art exhibition organised by Radio Dialogue Bookmark To FM Washington

by Gostalgia: local history from Gosford Library In today’s world we are spoiled for choice in everything from footwear to food, and the beverages industry is no different with around a thousand new beverages coming out every year. So in our haste to try out all these options have we neglected water, the age old […]

by gridder48 There’s been talk recently of a Global Information Network fraud. If you’re investigating GIN and whether or not it may be right for you, it’s important that you separate fact from fiction. First of all, exactly what is the Global Information Network? If someone is going to label it a fraud, you’ve got […]

by Smaku Going out to eat at your favorite restaurant is always enjoyable by most. But what if you had access to the top secret restaurant recipes that these popular restaurants guard so heavily? Would you go home and cook these yourself any time you want? Learning how to cook top secret restaurant recipes is […]