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Subscribe to Weezer on YouTube: “Do You Wanna Get High?” out now on Apple Music Listen to the single “Thank God For Girls” get it on Apple Music, Spotify Upcoming tour dates: Site: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Spotify: Shazam: Store: […]

Gioco allucinogeno! Platformer assurdo, guardare per credere. Scaricatelo gratis: Bookmark To Amazing Videos

by AmandaLeighPanda If You Wanna Get Pregnant, Don’t Eat Canned Food Bette Dowdell What in the world, you might ask, does eating canned food have to do with getting pregnant? Well, it’s a risk. As is drinking anything that comes in a can. You see, to prevent corrosion, companies coat the inside of food and […]

PART 2 I usually shouldn’t address cats like this especially since they are like decent NCAA division II players in the game going up against a MVP All Star in the Pro’s…. but why not, this ain’t even everything in my store which is sad.. but let’s the brains blow. btw, learn how to use […]

This scared me to death. My mother showed me a drinking water treatment report sent to her by her local water provider. My mom knows that I write about drinking water contamination and clean, healthy drinking water, so she thought I might be interested in the report. I have to tell you that there is […]

Wine-O – [Hate Me 2006] – I Wanna Hit That