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by EL MUSEO FOTOGRÁFICO Radiojar is a social music platform that allows anyone to create their own web radio station without spending loads of time finding the right software and hardware to get started. The Athens, Greece based start-up wants to add the human element to online music which we are currently lacking with services […]

Can the prolonged distance running aid us to exhaust or gain weight. The long distance race will make us have a light heavy, which can downgrade cumulate of fat in our body. Moreover, what we point of gaining weight is that it make our muscle health and strong and we also can say is to […]

Question by Buttery (__|__) Biscuits: Who else wants a pina colada? It’s 11am, I’m sitting at my desk, and I am CRAVING a pina colada right now. Do you want one too? If not what drink do you want? Best answer: Answer by awommackyummmmmm Give your answer to this question below! Wait, what’s that? It’s not dessert? It’s a desert? Crap.. Video Rating: 4 / 5

by b00nj Question by caimito: how wants to go to Porto rico on sept to oct in an excursion? I am planing an excursion to that island soon, and will like to make a group to go. Best answer: Answer by ????? ?if you are going to pay everything, I’m in your group. Add your […]

Texas Senator Wants To Tax Soda Sales A Texas lawmaker says a tax on soda is one way the state can get a handle on a massive budget shortfall. Read more on Newschannel 6 Wichita Falls Diet soda doesn’t raise diabetes risk: study NEW YORK – Diet soda and other artificially-sweetened drinks – previously implicated […]

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A beverage company wants to introduce a new soft drink in the market. You are a marketing manger in that company. A task has been assigned to you to promote that soft drink. So what are the different ways through which the soft drink will be promoted to the customer?

Product DescriptionWhile not swinging through third world countries, curing baldness and world hunger like she’d planned, Becky Sherrick Harks stays at home with her three children. An unpaid kept woman. She traded her microscope for a minivan and got a husband rather than a monkey butler and stays sane by imagining a life married to […]

UPDATE: Congrats to Claytonian for winning this contest! Check him out. EVERYBODY! I dont have my camera right now. So i’m sorry for the delay. I hope to get it back tomorrow (thursday) to announce the winner!!! Alright. so, I was walking to 7-11 the other day, I wanted to buy an icey cool […]