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The tap water is so hard where I live that after a while it leaves heavy scale in my hot beverage maker. I work in a place that I can get distilled/deionized water, but it’s a pain to lug a gallon of it home every other day. I tried several brands of bottled water and […]

This is a machine that makes a cocktail called a Falling Water. I made it in the garage at our Flat. Made by me (Joseph Herscher). Filmed by Rewa Wright. For those who don’t have access to such a machine as this, here is the recipe for the drink: – 30mls (1Oz) 42BELOW Feijoa Vodka […]

One of the most important factors in the health of any person is their diet, and diet includes water. Despite the fact that you ought to be drinking clean drinking water the majority of Americans aren’t. Clean drinking water is essential for good health. Right now you may be reading about the Cholera epidemic […]

50 Cent – Vitamin Water Commercial