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Hold aerator over glass and pour wine through for instant aeration Mixes proper amount of air in right amount of time. During manufacturing, the material folds around rods and wraps back resulting in two slightly visible fold lines. These lines extend up from each air hole and are normal. Easily and conveniently enhances flavor, bouquet, […]

Think that you aren’t sophisticated enough or don’t fit in the right income bracket to enjoy wine-tasting? Think again. These tips will help you fake your way through a wine-tasting session – or develop a lifelong Epicurean hobby (the finest pleasures, not the most!). Supplies – All you really need is a good wine […]

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How to Make Homemade Wine | Discover How to Make Your Own Unique Wine If you want to learn how to make homemade wine, there is no reason for not doing it. You don’t need a license, a cellar, and the utensils you need are probably in your home to begin with. […]

Want to learn about red wine tasting and aroma? Get tips on zinfandel red wine in this free wine tasting video. Expert: Jane Nickles Bio: Jane Nickles is the author of “Wine Speak 101”, and wine writer for “The Texas Wine and Food Gourmet”, and “Eat and Drink Magazine”. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

Sir Cliff Richard, a professed Christian, has had several hits with a Christmas theme. This one was released in 1988 and reached #1 on the UK secular charts. Little Town #11 – Dec 1982 Mistletoe and Wine #1 – Dec 1988 Saviour’s Day #1 – Dec 1990 The Millennium Prayer #1 – Dec 1999 Santa’s […]

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Wanna see more fun? Check out

I recently purchased a vineyard in southern France. I possess no knowledge of the measurement of time taken to grow, harvest the grapes and conseuquently wine. If someone could educate me on the process i would be very much obliged.