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France is the finest wine making land, and no other country has gained the prominence which it enjoys amongst connoisseurs. For France, especially for the Hugel Et Fils winery, 1998 was an excellent year, with several vintages being produced, much to the joy of enthusiasts. Throughout the world, every reputed wine retailer stocks his cellar […]

California is the only place in the world planted with just about all the better known wine grapes, producing variable qualities of wines. Elsewhere in the world, wine and grapes are location specific. While some regions have same grapes, no two regions plant identical grapes and make identical styles of wines. This article is Part […]

Wine is the product of the nature. The characteristics and styles of wine are the expression of the grapes it is made from, as well as the natural environment of the vineyard. Thousands of grapes are made into wine. However, there are only about two dozens better known red wine grapes and another two dozens […]

West Coast Wines: Best of BC, Oregon, Washington and California Event on 2015-08-14 17:00:00 Imagine yourself exploring the Pacific Coast with the wind in your hair and new wines in your glass. Let our line-up of bright and bold wines take you on a flavour-filled tour of the other coast. Taste British Columbia's best and […]

As much as we love food, there are just some food elements that our body simply do not work very well with. There are various reactions to which the body demonstrates it to us and we commonly see it as allergies. A lot of people love ice cream, yogurt, cheese, pastries. But not all people […]

This is one of our first Greek wine reviews and the first review devoted to a wine from the island of Crete which produces about one fifth of all Greek wine. Kourtaki, the producer, was founded way back in 1895 by Vassili Kourtakis; perhaps the first Greek to obtain a diploma in oenology, the study […]

Please let me apologize. Usually I place these weekly reviews on my website Sunday night or Monday night. This one went up on Tuesday; last night was President Obama’s first prime time news conference. I’m not going to talk about the press conference here, except to repeat that this wine column is our attempt to […]

Till now, beer was seen and considered one of the only options to accompany the popular Italian dish pizzas. But, the pattern has changed now. More and more people liking to combine the Italian treat pizza with classy wines now-a-days. There are various kinds of wines that may be paired with different sorts of pizza […]

With today’s global attention focused on environmental health, entrepreneurs, citizen groups, and national governments attempt cooperation to improve air, water, and soil quality, to safeguard oceans and forests and especially to control climate change. You can join the effort at your next wine tasting party by choosing wines from an eco-friendly winery like Alois Lageder. […]

This is our first review of a wine from Montenegro, a small country in southeastern Europe that was part of Yugoslavia. Montenegro has been producing wine for more than two thousand years, so perhaps it’s time to take a look at one of their products. This particular wine is produced from the red Vranac grape […]