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Yes, I Would” by Frightened Rabbit from the LP/CD/Digital “The Winter Of Mixed Drinks” available on Fat Cat Records. Purchase this record on iTunes: https://… Video Rating: 5 / 5

that song is e40- bendin corners, but i put a different beat over it to avoid copyright problems, the beat is by Bookmark To VLoggers

affiliate marketing by Claudio © Question by Sonofmyworld: How would I format a radio broadcast into a story? And radio communication, would it be italicized or in quotes, but using speech tags to let the reader know its a radio broadcast Best answer: Answer by J’s Evil TwinDepending on the length of the broadcast you […]

Question by yayitssonya: Would like to learn about wine? I want to learn about wines. Is there a good website or something that can help me out? Best answer: Answer by RAQUELgo to a tasting in your city..they teach alot What do you think? Answer below!

Question by Raggamuffin: Would I like a gin & tonic? My favourite drink is a Tom Collins, I also like Brambles. Gin & cranberry juice is my usual. Gin & bitter lemon is drinkable, although I prefer lemonade and a fresh squeeze of juice. But I’ve never tried a G&T. Is it similar to any […]

The Office is back so that Noah can force them to guzzle down some vodka… first thing in the morning! We like to start our day off right with some scramble…

Question by namiikitten: What would be some reasons you would/would not use alternative medicine? Would you resort to alternative medicines. Why or why not? Please be specific. Any examples would be appreciated. Best answer: Answer by scottsdalehigh64The problem with alternative medicine is that it is not subject to the same level of scientific rigor as […]

by Arthur Chapman Question by Devon: How would you stop a headache without medication? It feels like its at my temples. I’d rubbed them. But the headache is still there. I didn’t expect it to be the remedy. But thought, “hey why shouldn’t I atleast put the effort into easing it.” So if anyone knows […]

by Camp Pinewood YMCA Question by Old Enough To Care!: What Would Be A Good Snack and Lunch For Me To Take To School? Last year, I didn’t eat lunch at school, and I didn’t eat a snack. This year I don’t go to the lunchroom, but I do eat lunch, sometimes, I havn’t been. […]

by jeffbelden Question by Maria Therese: What would be the effects of taking a diabetic medication (glilmiperide) when you don’t have diabetes? My primary physician began treating me with a diabetic medication 5 years ago. Since then I have become so much more ill…congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, chest pains, hypothyroid, depression. Then I had […]