Only Drinks ( is currently for sale or for lease.

Be sure to acquire a PR2 website catching an average of 90 unique visits per day since February 2010 (according to Google Analytics source, real-time report is available on request) and literally thousands of active backlinks.


We offer you three solutions:

– The domain name. Take the control of the domain name, and use it as you want, it receives traffic and has a good pagerank (PR). I.e. you can use with your own website, or to monetize the traffic through domain parking, or maybe as a future investment.

The domain name + website AS IS. Take the control of the domain name including the website, customize it as you prefer, install your scripts / plugins, and make it yours. Monetize the traffic and use it for advertise your other projects, or maybe make this website the center of your project

– The domain name + COMPLETE website. Together with the domain and website, you also acquire all the working plugins/scripts, in order to keep it living by itself, so you don’t have to do nothing, just sit there and see the website growing. You also own the right to edit or customize it as you prefer, place your ads and monetize the traffic.


A different and cheaper solution we can offer you is to lease the domain name. You can lease the right of exclusive usage of this domain name, for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, renewable. The domain could point to your own webserver, or you can also let it pointing to our webserver, and just edit/customize the website as you prefer. Please notice you wouldn’t receive the ownership of the domain name but only the right of exclusive usage.

You can contact us through the following contact form. Ask us everything, we would provide you any information you need to.

Also you can visit our website and browse our domains/websites portfolio, check for promotions and much more.

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