Global Information Network and their Affiliate Program

The allure of private elite societies has been seductive long before you and I were here. What is better than joining an elite private club? Joining one that not only offers knowledge and secrets, but offers you the opportunity to make money through your membership. This brings us into taking a deeper look at The Global Information Network (GIN) and how you can make money with The Global Information Network. But first, what is The Global Information Network? Who is behind The Global Information Network? How much does it cost to join GIN? Can you really make money with GIN?

The Global Information Network is dubbed as a “secret society” for the rest of us. Or in other words, a private exclusive club keen on achieving great health, knowledge, and wealth. You join a global network of members who are supposedly bent on sharing ideas and knowledge along with advice of the secrets of life. Members include top leaders in the private sectors, finance and banking, and from the political sectors, to name just a few. There are different levels of membership, all of which gain you more access to more coveted information like that of the Law of Attraction.

Kevin Trudeau. Some of you may know exactly who I am talking about, and may have formulated opinions of him already. Kevin Trudeau is an ex-Brotherhood member, a billionaire, infomercial king, and best-selling author. His most notable books are Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, More Natural “Cures” Revealed, The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About, Debt Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. Being a former secret society member of the Brotherhood, he claims to be revealing all the elite secrets about life: great health and wealth.


To join GIN at Level 1, there is a ,000 initiation fee, and 0 in monthly dues. You must be referred to GIN by an affiliate or member in GIN. The other levels of GIN are “classified” but it appears to cost more and more at each level and you must meet certain goals and criteria before you may upgrade your membership.

For every member you refer to The Global Information Network, you make 0. You also make 0 for every member they enroll, as long as you are continually enrolling at least one member a month yourself. You can refer people worldwide, regardless of the country they live in. However The Global Information Network appears to operate in only one language – English, so anyone you refer would have to read and speak English it seems like. If you only bring in one person a month, and you are a part of their membership program, you would only net /month (after the 0 monthly dues) – so figure out how many people you would need to bring on board, to meet your personal financial goals. Don’t count on making 0 from the sales of the people you refer, as they may not choose to participate in the affiliate program, or they may not be successful with the affiliate program should they choose to market The Global Information Network.

If your goal is that of seeking knowledge from a global group of successful people, you may learn tips, strategies, and techniques to making money on your own. You also have the fall back option of utilizing their affiliate program to make a couple hundred bucks for referring people, and the members your people bring on. This is by no means a get rich quick program, and you have to budget in 0 a month, but if you can learn to utilize online and attraction marketing, you should be able to make money quickly with this or any program.

The key again though is to master marketing on the Internet. Ideally you would want to find a business opportunity that offers you personal coaching or mentoring as well. If you want to succeed – surround yourself with like-minded people and people who are successful and where you aspire to be.


Veronica Yager is an Internet Marketer and Success Mentor helping others find financial freedom working from the comforts of their home. Veronica Yager teaches her team members how to use the power of the Internet and become a top income earner online. To learn more about Veronica Yager and to join her team, visit Veronica Yager’s website at now!

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