This latest report on blended whisky has been packaged with our corresponding report on malt whisky to provide you with a comprehensive insight into both markets. Which means you buy one and get the other half price!

Global market review of blended whisky

This brand new report, the Global market review of blended whisky, looks at what is happening to blended Scotch in emerging and mature markets.

We examine their opportunities and challenges, and ask the question; is the industry correct in believing that blended whisky will enter a new golden age via the potential in the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC)?

We examine whether there has been a change in the nature of whisky marketing, and answer questions such as :

· Is blended Scotch (r)evolutionary or simply resilient?

· If the ‘purist view’ is falling away, what is it being replaced with?

· Can the same approach be made to work both in the eager new markets, and the sluggish mature markets?

Brand image, self-image and innovation are addressed, plus we take a look at the role of, and the opportunities for ‘smaller’ brands.

Interviews with key executives from the top players in the industry are a main focus of the report, and we provide commentary from executives at J&B, Chivas Bros, Diageo, Whyte & Mackay, Burn Stewart, Cutty Sark and Beam Global among others.

The report discusses the issues around current shortage of supply of blended Scotch, and finally, we give a perspective on the future of this global category.

Global market review of malt whisky

This 2006 edition of malt whisky report has been written by Dave Broom, and provides malt whisky estimates by total volume for the major markets from 2000 to 2011. It examines the current state of play within the malt whisky category and discusses how distillers and brand owners are facing up to the next step-change in malt’s evolution; from sector to category and from product to brand. The report looks at the dilemma faced by brands in the UK where supermarkets rather than brand owners have dictated marketing strategies.

The author spoke with over 20 leading industry executives in producing this report. The extracts of their interviews provide unique viewpoints on the state of the industry, including executive commentary.

Malt whisky has been the most robust sector within Scotch whisky for over a decade and although it still makes up a small percentage of overall Scotch volumes (a maximum of 10% volume overall) its share of voice is considerably higher. Neil Macdonald, malts marketing director at Chivas Bros: “The UK is undoubtedly competitive and we have to fight for space but I do think we have turned a corner and although price promotion is inevitable we are trying to wean consumers away from it. We have managed to move The Glenlivet pricing up and since the breaking of the GBP20 barrier the category appears to have moved up. Certainly, GBP22.99 is a better position to be in than GBP19.99.”

Market coverage includes the major markets of France, US, UK, other markets including: Spain, Italy, Nordic Markets and Japan and emerging markets: Taiwan, China and India.

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